About you:

Favorite color? I don’t have favorites really, but I find myself attracted to blue.

Favorite food? I can’t say “favorite” but Glen and his kids and I played the “desert island” game the other night and I said I would bring apples. I eat at least one apple every day. I really love them.

Favorite type of restaurant? I like Japanese a lot.

Favorite season (why)? Autumn because is the moodiest, richest in tone and color and yet it is the most subtle. Shane Vansen gets her middle name from the season because it is both Glen and my favorite. One of the reasons it remains our favorite is because it is the season we fell in love.

Favorite place on earth (why)? My bed because Glen an I share dreams there.

Favorite tv show(s)? I like “The Sopranos” a lot.

Favorite website? Right now I like the “Baby Center” site because I have a new baby. Also, because I have a new baby I don’t have much time to surf now.

Favorite actors/actresses? I don’t have favorites. I really like certain actors in certain roles. There are just too many great actors and actresses. I love Faye Dunaway, Jessica Lange, Barbra Stanwyck, Elizabeth Taylor in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf” John Hurt because “Elephant Man” is one of my favorite movies. He was great in “Scandal” too, Paul Newman, Gary Cooper… Oh forget it. This is an unanswerable question. I love too many actors and actresses.

Favorite musical artist/group? I don’t have a favorite. It really depends on my mood. I like a lot of different kinds of music. I just cannot give an answer for this one.

Favorite children's story? “Goodnight Moon,” “Runaway Bunny” and anything by Maurice Sendak.

Your favorite charity? Glen and I have a lot of charities that we like two that come to mind are Children of the Night and Project Angel Food.

Who are your heroes? My Grandma Shirley and my Mother are my heroes. They are strong, smart, funny, kind, insightful, loving, giving and accomplished.

Any pets? We have Rufus the dog and Cooper, Shane and Bing the cats.

What was your favorite subject in high school? English

Windows or Macintosh? Windows

Were you to be cast on a Celebrity Survivor, what would be your luxury item? My husband. He is luxurious under any circumstances.

About your outlook on life:

How have the events of September 11, 2001, changed your life and the way you look at life - especially now that you are a parent? I think September 11 changed everyone’s lives. I feel so sad for the families of those victims. I make sure that I tell the people that I love that I love them as much as possible. I certainly don’t take my safety and the safety of my fellow Americans for granted. I think I felt safe from that kind of thing at one time. That sense of safety is something that some people in other countries never feel. I feel sad that that feeling is gone for me and I feel sad that I can somewhat identify with people who live with terrorist acts every day. I feel sad for them and us. I feel sad and angry that America is disliked. I feel afraid.

How has becoming a parent changed you? It truly is the best thing I have ever done. It is the thing that I am most proud of. Winslow is my all-encompassing joy. I am contented.

About your career:

What was the final thing that convinced you to just do it and leave college for acting? I got an agent after my 3rd year and I wanted to do both but I was dating a wise man who said “If you create fall backs you will always fall back.” So, I decided to take a year off and I got the first movie I went out on. and supported myself as an actress since.

Any regrets (roles taken or not taken, etc.)? Sure. There are always regrets but you can’t live there.

What do you consider to be your breakout role? Your finest role? Your favorite role? Your least favorite role? So, far I think Shane Vansen was the most well rounded role. I got to show a lot of colors there. I was very challenged by “Field Where I Died.” I won’t advertise my least favorite, thanks :).

If you were to recommend one of your works to someone who has never seen you before, what would you suggest and why? Probably some “Space” episodes because it has the best range.

Do you prefer film or television? Stage or Screen? Comedy or Drama? I like them all equally but differently.

What do you look for in a role? Good writing. It is hard to make bad dialogue good. Or as my husband Glen says, “You can’t polish a turd.”

What historical figure would you most like to portray? I don’t know. That is tough. Mary Todd Lincoln would be fun because she was crazy. I loved the Lilly Langtree story. I love the play “Mary Queen of Scots.” I don’t know - there are so many interesting women in history.

What would you say is the difference between Shane Vansen and Lara Means? Which do you think is more like Kristen Cloke? Um, Lara Means was crazy so I prefer not to over identify with her :). I guess Shane but she is tougher than I am.

Earlier this year, the members of the KCDG discussion list conducted a poll of which actors and actresses they'd like to see you team up with (sometimes, again). I've starred the winners, but who would you pick off of each list?

Actors Actresses
Tucker Smallwood Kirsten Dunst (*)
Rodney Rowland (*) Mena Suvari
Joel de la Fuente Reese Witherspoon
Morgan Weisser Alicia Witt
Billy Zane Julia Stiles
David Keith Eliza Dushku
Kevin Spacey Lanei Chapman
Robert DeNiro Dame Judy Dench
Harrison Ford (*) Julia Roberts
Bruce Willis Helen Hunt
James Morrison (*) Gwyneth Paltrow
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
David Duchovny (*)
Lance Henrikson
Dick van Dyke
Michael Madsen
Harvey Keitel

(As you can see, the actors were in a four way tie, while Kristen Dunst clearly won for the ladies)

Any comments on the fans' choices? Good Choices!

Now that you've formed 1213 Productions with Glen, will we see you acting, writing, producing, or directing? 1213 is mostly Glen’s but you never know.

Will we see you on the screen (big or small) soon? Maybe, but my baby is still really little so I need some time.

Not counting the website, what is your reaction to the tremendous fanbase you have online? I am not aware of it.

Do people recognize you on the street, in the store, at restaurants? Sometimes.

I just read my answers and I am boring. Sorry!

Hardly :) -M

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