You can contact Kristen via one of two ways - snail mail, or email.

Snail Mail
Please send an SASE if you would like
a response.

If you would like an item autographed, please send it along with an SASE tot his address.

Kristen Cloke
C/O Newlander Management
P.O. Box 261067
Encino, CA 91406

PLEASE NOTE: Do not ask for an autograph over email. Please read above for snail mail instructions on obtaining an autograph. Autograph requests sent through this email address will not be processed. Thank you.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not Kristen's real email address. All email sent to this address is read by a third party and all inappropriate messages will be deleted. If you don't have anything nice to say, or you want to be rude, crude, or lewd, don't write. In most cases, you can expect a personal reply from Kristen. Please give her time to reply.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Winslow's arrival, all email is being temporarily held to give Kristen time to spend with her son. © 1995-2002 Matt Staub

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